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kl-travel-pass マレーシア

About KL Travel Pass

By KL Travel Pass for tourist , you can use both KLIA ekspres and train in city.

It’s easy to move from airport and save your money by the pass.

I strongly recommend you buy the pass.

Comparison with Grab taxi

Cost of Using Grab taxi in usually

10mins3 US dollarstravel in city for a short time
40mins15 US dollarsFrom Airport to your hotel(KL sentral)

From Airport to your hotel(KL sentral)


In Malaysia, you can use GRAB taxi , not Uber.

If you haven’t registered still, it’s better to register by below coupon 🙂


Of course, Uber is also popular and useful taxi app.

So I recommend you register also the uber in other countries by below coupon.

I often use Both app while traveling.


What can you do by the pass ?

KL travel pass has the ticket of KLIA Ekspres.

KLIA Ekspres is rapid train from airport to kuala lumpur city.

It’s just 30mins from airport to KL central station(central of city)

2Days ride-free ticket for city train in kuala lumpur

You can ride the 3 type trains. It’s so Useful to travel.

LRT(Light Rail Transit): Train

MRT(Mass Rapid Transit): Subway


Touch n’ Go (Just touch and take train function)

Without buying a ticket at many times, you can go in a platform and take a train.

The pass relieve a stress of taking line for buying ticket at each times.

Price for the KL travel pass

there are 2 type travel pass which has 1 way or 2way of taking Rapid train.

So up to how many Rapid train is used. 

1way only: 70RM = 17 US dollars

2way : 70RM = 27 US dollars

Price to buy the pass

kuala lumpur Airport (KLIA,KLIA2)

KL central station

Detail information official PDF

If you need more information, Please download PDF file.

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